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The EnviroSeal® Certification

Green cleaning is here to stay

More and more people recognise the vital importance of sustainable living, of which cleaning forms a great part. For some years it had been possible to make the environmentally preferable choice when washing dishes or cleaning hard floor; now carpet cleaning can be part of the green movement too. Once available, the majority of customers will ask for EnviroSeal certified products. The WoolSafe Organisation will promote them in their Directories, on their websites, in trade and consumer press and at trade shows and seminars.

Promote the EnviroSeal Certification Mark on your approved products

To maximise the benefit of having the EnviroSeal Certification Mark, this should be prominently displayed on product containers, application instructions, promotional literature and advertising material, including your website.

Independent, widely recognised and highly valued certification

Having the EnviroSeal Mark on your products highlights them as the ones that have been independently tested for their performance and assessed for their environmental credentials; and they meet the highest industry standards and ever increasing customer expectations.

Your products are introduced to new customers

Having your products listed on the WoolSafe or EnviroSeal website puts them in front of the several hundred professional carpet cleaning companies – WoolSafe Approved Service Providers – who use WoolSafe or EnviroSeal approved products when cleaning wool or synthetic floor coverings. This large market instantly becomes open to your products.

The EnviroSeal certification will have great appeal for the rapidly increasing number of environmentally-conscious customers and professional cleaners who market their services as environmentally friendly.

Carpet manufacturers’ recommendation

Carpet mills and retailers are strong supporters of the various WoolSafe programmes as they see these as an additional safeguard that their floor coverings are maintained to the highest standard. Now they will be able to recommend quality products for all those jobs where green cleaning and maintenance is requested, desirable or necessary.

Show you care – make environmentally preferable products – display the EnviroSeal Mark

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