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The EnviroSeal® Certification

What is EnviroSeal® certification?

EnviroSeal® is an evaluation and certification programme for environmentally-responsible maintenance products suitable for use on carpets, rugs and furnishing fabrics.

Products are evaluated and certified by ENCO Global Testing Services, a leading environmental testing facility, providing environmental testing and consultancy to companies worldwide. Their work covers environmental management, legislative and certification compliance, process audits and process optimisation.

EnviroSeal® certification is available to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets, rugs and furnishing fabrics. All products are included, whether they are formulated for use on wool and other natural fibres or on synthetics.

What are the benefits of EnviroSeal® certification?

EnviroSeal® certification is –

  • a crucial independent confirmation of a cleaning product’s environmentally-responsible formulation
  • an independent verification of the product’s performance, safety and suitability-for-purpose;
  • an important assurance to users (professional cleaners and consumers) of the environmental credentialsa of the product;
  • an integral part of an ecological, ‘green’ cleaning and maintenance programme;
  • a means to increase the useful life of a carpet – and thus helping the environment.

Which products could qualify for EnviroSeal® certification?

All products that carry the WoolSafe Approved or CleanSeal Approved Mark and which are intended for the ‘green’ cleaning, maintenance or enhancement of floor coverings and furnishing fabrics.

Follow the link to find out how to obtain EnviroSeal® certification for your products.

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