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The EnviroSeal® Certification

EnviroSeal-Certification-mark-EGTS-1502-213x300What is EnviroSeal® certification?

EnviroSeal® certification is a testing and accreditation programme for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets and rugs (and other interior textiles).

The environmental evaluation is carried out by ENco Global Testing Services (EGTS) and the performance and safety evaluation is carried out by The WoolSafe® Organisation. Products that meet both the composition and performance requirements are certified as EnviroSeal by The WoolSafe Organisation.

It is available world-wide to manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning chemicals, spot removers, soil and stain resist treatments and other products used to maintain or enhance the performance and/or appearance of carpets and rugs.

What are the benefits of EnviroSeal® certification?

EnviroSeal® certification is a crucial independent confirmation of a cleaning product’s environmental credentials: performance, safety and suitability-for-purpose.

Which products could qualify for EnviroSeal® certification

All products intended for the cleaning, maintenance or enhancement of man-made fibre floor coverings, and which carry either WoolSafe or CleanSeal certification.

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